Animals are the color of the Earth.

They breathe life into the most desolate lands. Earth gardeners of our flora, wonderers, master creators. Without them, our land is cursed void of beauty and oneness. Breathing forests regulate the climate and animals disperse their flora.

A thriving planet is vital to life on Earth. Food, water, and air are all pillars of human survival that depend on a series of harmonious synergies within our natural world.

Let’s just not celebrate our wild ones and our natural habitats … but commit to a sustainable future for all.

There is an invisible war, and that is the war on animals and our habitats. An assault of human activities is throwing the earth’s synergies off balance.

Plastics are choking our oceans. Bulldozers are destroying our forests. Pesticides are poisoning our soil. Toxins are being pumped into our air. We are destabilizing the one we evolve in, that begotten and shelters us.

We are Nature.

800 mountain gorillas

1,800 pandas

3,800 tigers

7,100 cheetahs

20,000 lions

27,000 rhinos

80,000 giraffes

7,700,000,000 humans

The greed of man, the suffering of animals, and a call for mercy.

conservation lion

Trophy Hunting, the industry that blurs the line between killing and conservation.

Lions slaughtered for bragging rights, a head on the wall or a skin on the floor. Trophy hunting is counter-evolutionary, as is based on selectively taking the large, robust, and healthy males from a population for a hunter’s trophy room. These are the same crucial animals that in a natural system would live full lives contributing their genes to future generations.

conservation africa elephants

The insatiable demand for ivory has fueled a poaching crisis hurtling African elephants towards extinction.

Despite the ban on international trade, elephants are being poached in record numbers. An estimated 35,000 elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory. Elephant numbers have decimated 64 percent over the last decade, and conservationists fear they will be extinct in the next 10 years.

conservation africa elephants
conservation rhino

Rhinos are being poached for a status symbol and folklore chinese medicine.

An ancient species, rhinos have roamed the grasslands for 50 million years. Rhinos play an instrumental global impact shaping the earth’s ecosystem.

Elephant in Thailand

Stolen from the wild and beaten into submissive,  Elephant’s dark suffering for tourism.

There is nothing intelligent about torturing animals. Ignorance, politics, and tribalism have played key roles of abuse in the tourism industry. As a result, elephants have become a symbol of tourism, most notably in Southeast Asia. Thailand is known as “the global hotspot” for elephant trekking. There is no such thing as a good elephant ride,  a good circus, or good elephant art. It’s all for one reason – animal exploitation.

Elephant in Thailand
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