marfa, texas


An art oasis

Snuggled in the vast desert of West Texas filled with wonder from the rugged landscape to the uninterrupted sky to the unexplained Marfa Lights. This Lone Star Bohemia was made outside the lines with a dusty time-warp sensation and indigenous flora. Scrubs of yucca plants and waves of grass, Marfa’s charm has an on the edge-of-planet vibe. This fancy pony land is an eccentric compilation of artists and cowboys and unforgiving heat.

Wild Things

There is no shortage of wild things in this spellbound land with pronghorn deer, wild horses, desert cats, multiplying rabbits, and the usual rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are impressive predators, and play a vital role in the West Texas ecosystem. Remember always to respect wildlife and give animals their rightful space. When driving at night, be mindful of a close lookout for the army of bunnies eating grass near the road.


Food Shark

The infamous retro food truck mecca frequented by Beyoncé. Food Shark’s eclectic menu features globe-trotting Mediterranean chow with plant-based options. Take your hunger and roam to a rustic covered patio or an old vintage bus adorned with kitschy seating.

Be conscious of their hours, as, like most of Marfa, time is just a number.

Do Your Thing fits snugly into Marfa’s ultra-hip identity of cozy and retro. Splashes of red and photography art liven up the rustic interior. This Marfa gem café offers specialty coffee, signature avocado toast on house-baked bread, lush matcha lattes and freshly baked delicacies.

Coffee + Toast

and a little Magic.

El Cosmico

El Cosmico is a vintage trailer hotel and teepee campground on 21 acres. El Cosmico marries nomadic with modern for cultural adventurers and wanderers.

The ingredients for relaxation with herbal workshops, cozy yurts, teepees with attitude, and an array of colorful retro trailers that splash into the horizon.

Back to the 1940’s.

We rented this cozy Airbnb constructed with adobe walls from the 1940s. Everything was from the 1940s. Retro charming furniture accompanied by old records that still played, vintage bikes and cars, old textiles like you see in old western flicks.

White walls married an eclectic modern-vintage style. A good vibe during the day with palo santo incense, crystals, and plants. Tiny hidden closets, the creaky staircase, and flickering lights turned this retro pad into Amityville Horror House at night.

It seemed a suitable dwelling to accompany the attitude of Marfa.

Crystals, cozy Pendleton blankets, textiles, art, and hand-made artisan goods … Marfa is a marvel for everything raw and unique.

My love is Communitie, conceived by John Patrick who creates flower-dyed dresses that are naturally beautiful and support vulnerable women in Juárez. A moral standard of how fashion and mindfulness can and do exist.

Target Marathon

Move over Prada. Similar to the art installation, Prada, a storefront facade that draws travelers out to Marfa, this tiny Target is also purposeless. Inside was actual products Target would sell like sunscreen and lotions. It was even equipped with its own tiny Target shopping cart.

A little wild west.

Beautiful and odd, there is poetry in this sweeping expansion filled with allure, magic, mystique.

Marfa’s sunsets and unyielding sky glimmer and crash onto the Wild West desert where you feel you have manifested into a painting.