Japan has been on my bucket list since college Japanese class. Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital, marries ultramodern and traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. Tokyo dazzles you with its traditional culture and passion for everything sophisticated. Blazing neon lights, crush of well-suited businessmen, and speeding trains – Japan inspires a vision of seduction.

tokyo night street
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tokyo kabuki cho

Tokyo has everything you can ask of a city … the wealthy cosmopolitan dining, ultra-hip cafes + bars, perfectly punctual public transport and wondrous gardens where you can breathe in fresh air.  The people of Tokyo are clean, virtuous, and some of the politest dwellers in the world, although they seem distant due to the fact that they like to keep to themselves and they are always on their phone.

vegan burger japan

In searching for plant-based restaurants, be sure to say “Watashi wa vegan desu”. My love pick for plant-based dining is Ain Soph Ripple, a vegan burger joint. After a week of eating too much rice, the vegan burger was !!! Another curated pick is and Ain Soph Soar. The restaurant focuses on Japanese-French cuisine and uses seasonal plants and fruits. The interior is acutely cozy and don’t leave without having the pancakes.

urban dwelling japan

My favorite part? The futuristic high-tech toilets. With so many buttons and options, you almost needed a manual. These elaborate thrones are equipped with fake flushing sounds, music, water noise, seat warmers, and the choice between a big flush or little flush. The toilets are more like heated seat thrones for the world-class toilet culture.

Tokyo is a sophisticated economic cultural powerhouse.

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